Marianne Faithfull – Strange Weather – 1987 – Island Records

Marianne Faithfull - Strange Weather - 1987 - Island Records

My favourite record to come out of the 1980s. I hated growing up in the 80s. Not much of the music being made then sounded good to my ears. This record, with it’s slow burn smokey dark blues and cabaret, sounded as far from the typical 80s release as possible. It didn’t have the 80s drum sound. It didn’t sound vaccuously upbeat. It had guts. It was a nicely sad album. I didn’t hear it until 1992 though so it didn’t save me from the aural pain I had growing up but it did impress me that this flower grew in such a barren environment. I first heard this when I was having dinner with my friend Özlem at her home in Guildford. Our friend Michael was there too, He wanted us to hear this album. He a cassette in his pocket. We put it on. It was amazing. For me this album and her 1967 album Love in a Mist are Marianne’s best works. Her voice changed so much between those years, from high and sweet to a deeper rasp that it is almost as if they are different people. She has always been a great singer though. The musicians on this record are a high point too particularly Bill Frisell with his silvery guitar and Fernando Saunders’ great bass playing.