Ramblin’ Jack Elliott – Young Brigham – 1968 – Reprise

Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Young Brigham - 1968 - Reprise

This is one of my all time favourite records. 912 Greens is the best track. A spellbinding spoken narrative over folk ragtime guitar. The record also boasts a great version of the Rolling Stones’ Connection. Young Brigham was produced by Bruce Langhorne, one of my favourite guitarists. Langhorne also played tabla on If I were a Carpenter. I have a signed copy of Young Brigham. I’ve met Jack 3 times so far, just as a fan. The last time was in a carpark in Civic, Canberra. Me and Tom Woodward bumped into him and we talked for a bit about Peter La Farge and Townes Van Zandt. Jack told us that Peter La Farge was his best friend and that they used to go to the rodeos together. He also said that he believes Townes Van Zandt died because the medical staff treating him didn’t let him have any alcohol before going into surgery. Jack’s dad was a doctor and had told him that if an alcoholic goes into surgery they can die from the shock to the system if they aren’t given any alcohol. Jack asked us where we were headed with our guitars and we told him we were going busking. He asked if we ever had any trouble from the police when we went did that. We said we didn’t. The people Jack was with dragged him away because he was starting to, ah, ramble, as his name implies and they obviously wanted to get a move on though he obviously wanted to keep talking. His rambling stories are great to listen to though. Jack is a born storyteller.


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